National Minority Health Month 2013

The Office of Minority Health designates every April as National Minority Health Month. It is a call to action and unity for state and local offices of minority health, health departments, and all of the organizations and partners involved to ensure that all Americans have the chance to live a healthy life regardless of race, creed, gender, orientation, or ability. The object of National Minority Health Month is to raise awareness about health disparities that affect racial and ethnic minorities, along with raising awareness about the policies of the health care law which reduce these disparities and achieve equity in health.

This year’s theme is Advance Health Equity Now: Uniting our Communities to Bring Health Care Coverage to All. How can we participate in ending health disparities? Organizations can become a member of the National Partnership for Action (NPA) to End Health Disparities and share what they are doing. Individuals can participate in disparities reduction efforts in their areas or, if they need affordable health care, they can visit

We conducted a search in REHABDATA and found numerous articles dealing with health disparities and capacity building in minority communities. Here is a small sample of what we found:

  • Changes in racial-ethnic disparities in use and adequacy of mental health care in the United States, 1990-2003. NARIC Accession Number:  J63789
  • Do racial and ethnic minority patients fare worse after SCI? A critical review of the literature. NARIC Accession Number: J64750.
  • Implications of sociodemographic factors and health examination rate for people with disabilities. NARIC Accession Number: J64073.

We also searched the NIDRR Program Database. There are a number of NIDRR projects working on minority health disparities. Here is a small sample:

  • Health and Health Care Disparities Among Individuals with Disabilities. Project Number: H133A120100.
  • RRTC on Psychiatric Disability and Co-occurring Medical Conditions. Project Number: H133B100028.
  • The UMHS/AACIL Rehabilitation Research Training Program. Project Number: H133P090008.

Finally, we also searched the NARIC Knowledgebase and found various resources. Here is a sample from our search:

To run your own search, please visit our REHABDATA database, the NIDRR Program search page, and our Knowledgebase search page.

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I'm the Bilingual Information/Media Specialist at NARIC.
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