See you at CSUN!

This week is the 2013 International Conference on Technology and Disability, brought to you by the California State University at Northridge Center on Disabilities. We’ll be exhibiting (booth 113) and attending some of the exciting presentations, including Dept of Labor Assistant Secretary Kathleen Martinez (Thursday 1:50p).

Running through the schedule, we caught quite a few presenters affiliated with NIDRR-funded projects (presentations may or may not cover NIDRR-funded research). Take a look:

The RERC on Communication Enhancement (AAC RERC)

  • Wednesday: Emerging Developments in AAC. 8a in Ford AB

The Wireless RERC:

  • Thursday: Survey Says! National EAS Test Accessibility. 12p in Manchester H
  • Thursday: Social Media, Public Emergencies & Disability. 1:50p in Betsy C
  • Friday: Wireless Technology Use and Disability. 3:10p in Edward AB
  • Friday: App Factory: Assistive and Accessibility App. 4:20p in Edward AB

NPR Labs (Booth 117)

  • Wednesday: Real Time Collaborative Captioning. 10:40a in Edward CD

WGBH/National Center for Accessible Media

  • Thursday: Transit Information – Solutions and Barriers. 8a in Ford C
  • Thursday: Accessible Supplemental Materials for Video. 1:50p in Emma AB
  • Thursday: Born Accessible – Inclusive Publishing. 1:50p in Ford C
  • Thursday: Panel on Inclusive Mobile for Everyone – Challenges. 1:50p om Manchester B
  • Thursday: Access to NSDL – A Portal for STEM Resources. 4:20p in Molly AB
  • Friday: Panel on Preferences for Global Access. 10:40a in Manchester B
  • Friday: Accessibility of Health-Related Technologies. 1:50p in Del Mar AB

Trace Center

  • Thursday: Making Progress on Global Inclusion (GPII). 10:40a in Ford C

Great Lakes ADA Center

  • Thursday: Assistive Technology in Post Secondary Ed. 1:50p in Maggie

Smith-Kettlewell Institute

  • Thursday: S-K Smartphone Based Virtual Audible Signage. 3:10 in Betsy AB

The Sendero Group will have its own suite where they will demonstrate their GPS and other technologies. They are presenting on tips and tricks for iOS apps from 2 blind users on Thursday at 4:20. You can also sign up to help test their prototype iPhone People Finder App (you must sign up in advance to participate).

Plus look for presentations from Judy Brewer of the W3C on HTML5, Andrew Kirkpatrick on digital documents, Jim Tobias on inclusive technology, Robert Stodden on reading interventions, the Job Accommodation Network on aging in the workplace, Jon Gunderson on OpenAJAX, Steve Jacobs from IDEAL on its EPUB reader (supported by the App Factor), plus hundreds of other researchers, developers, designers, engineers, students, and more.

It’s exciting stuff!

(We promise to update this list as we get more information or hear from members of the NIDRR community.)

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