The Evolution of Head Safety Equipment

A revolutionary device that could save lives by alerting family and friends in case of a serious injury is now available. ICEdot, the world’s first “personal crash sensor” is a fourth-generation safety device that pairs helmet and smartphone and uses an app to send out GPS information via email and text should a serious head injury happen to occur.

Biju Thomas and Dr. Tim Bauer developed the idea and came up with the ICEdot service system that detects the most severe of crashes. The detection system is smart so false alarms can easily be dismissed while real emergencies garner the attention and services they require.  This way, dropping your helmet or minor bumps won’t cause the paramedics to show up to your location every few minutes. Rather, once a serious injury has occurred, your smart phone is triggered to notify your emergency contacts and first responders. Even your emergency medical information is displayed for fast and accurate treatment.

ICEdot even saves the data from your wipe out so that you can have some visual to pair with your audio when sharing your story.

The ICEdot system works by attaching the ICEdot sensor onto the exterior of any helmet. The sensor is paired to your smartphone using Bluetooth technology. Upon impact, the sensor starts a countdown (in case the signal is a false alarm the countdown can be turned off), which can be set anywhere from two minutes to fifteen seconds. If not turned off before the countdown ends, the phone will immediately alert emergency contacts with your location and health information.

The ICEdot system is revolutionary to the health and safety of action sports. Currently the technology is being tested in wristbands and other athletic wear. Check it out today.

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