The Urban Re-Entry Group: A Support Program

The Washington, D.C. region has some of the highest rates of violence-related spinal cord injury in the United States. For those living with these injuries, a local support group is committed to helping them adjust to a new and often difficult life. The Urban Re-entry Group, created and hosted by clinical psychologist Dr. Samuel Gordon, gathers in the basement of Washington’s MedStar National Rehabilitation Hospital weekly for group therapy. The group’s sessions, which may include anywhere from a few to 30 black males, are comprised of people living with violently-acquired disabilities, particularly survivors of gun violence. The Washington Post recently featured the Urban Re-entry Group in a September issue of its Sunday edition. The article focuses on several young men within the group, men whose worlds turned upside down in a moment, and how they deal with the unalterable circumstances they now face in the prime of their lives.  While some of these men deal with daily thoughts of suicide, others are hopeful that in time they will be mobile once again. Collectively, they are all learning to take on the challenge of living with SCI one day at a time.

The Urban Re-Entry Group meets every Tuesday from 1:30-2:30 p.m. in the Medstar NRH Auditorium on the ground floor. Please contact Dr. Sam Gordon at 202.877.1923 for more information.

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