NIDRR Long-Range Plan Informational Webinar: About the Long-Range Plan

On Thursday, May 24th NIDRR and OSERS hosted an informational webinar on the proposed NIDRR long-range plan for fiscal years 2013 through 2017.  The presentation given by NIDRR director Charlie Lakin, PhD, and Ruth Brannon, director of the Research Sciences Division, highlighted NIDRR’s mission, domains, grant mechanisms, and the proposed long-range plan.

The proposed long-range plan describes the general principles that (1) guide NIDRR’s policies and use of resources, (2) establishes objectives for research and related activities, (3) describes how the “Plan” will be implemented and the process by which NIDRR establishes annual priorities, and (4) obtain feedback from stakeholders on the Plan and suggestions for priorities and processes of implementation.  The Plan focuses on


  • Employment, Community, Health/Functioning
  • Disability Type (Psychiatric,  Developmental, Physical, and Sensory)
  • NIDRR-directed vs. Field-Initiated Priorities


  • Establishing Rehabilitation Research Advisory Council
  • Increasing opportunities for stakeholder input into Agency activities
  • Increasing emphasis of relevance in peer review scoring


  • Increased peer review pool (particularly peer reviewers with disabilities)
  • Improving priority development and clearance processes

The goals of the proposed plan include:

  1. Creating a portfolio of research, development, and other activities that balances domains, populations of focus, and who defines the specific approach to a disability or rehabilitation research topic.
  2. Supports centers and projects that conduct well-designed research and development activities using a range of appropriate methods.
  3. Promotes the effective use of knowledge in areas of importance to individuals with disabilities and their families.
  4. Improving program administration

The presentation also included information on the proposed field-initiated priority setting process that emphasizes improved organization and balance between the three domains of employment, health and function, and community participation; fostering intervention development; and a quality improvement initiative which focuses on improving process quality and quality of funded research.

About cgraves34

Media Specialist for the National Rehabilitation Information Center (NARIC) funded by the National Institute on Disability, Independent Living, and Rehabilitation Research (NIDILRR) through Administration for Community Living (ACL) under the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).
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