What are developmental disorders of language?

This question is not an easy question to answer! However, the authors of Developmental Disorders of Language (NARIC Accession #: R07731), C. Adams, B. Bryers-Brown, and M. Edwards, explain the different aspects, indications, behaviors, etc. They also explain this invisible disability in terminology that the lay person can understand.

What is a developmental disorder of language? This is a broad term that shows that something has gone wrong with the language behavior of a growing child. It is also a descriptive term and it covers a wide range of conditions and impairments that range from word finding difficulties to being unable to maintain relationships through the use of language. In children, these disorders inhibit effective communication and the use of language as a basis for learning. To a health care professional certain indications, such as inappropriate speech or reluctance to make communicative contact or poor motor coordination,  may alert them to the fact that a child may have one of the developmental disorders of language, yet these indications may pass by the lay person. Developmental disorders of language are an invisible disability which may also affect the person socially, educationally, and emotionally.

To learn more about this or other disorders, please visit http://www.naric.com for the above mentioned article or to chat online with one of the information specialists.

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