Innovate: VA Announces 2nd Industry Innovation Competition

On February 15, 2011 Secretary Shinseki announced <>  the opening of the Veterans Administration’s second Industry Innovation Competition with five new topics and up to $100 million in potential awards.  The Industry Innovation Competitions are designed to give VA the opportunity to get the best thinking from the private sector to solve the Department’s most pressing challenges. They’re interested in solutions from all types of organizations — from established leaders in industry to new start-ups, non-profits, and academic institutions.

ONE OF THE TOPICS:   Innovative New Prosthetic Socket Designs to Improve Fit and Comfort of Prosthetics: VA is both a leader in prosthetic research and the largest provider of prosthetic limbs in the country. For this competition VA is interested in solutions that improve the fit and function of the socket that connects a Veteran’s residual limb to the prosthetic device. Designs that can adjust to swelling and other changes to the volume of the residual limb will provide a better fit and more comfort for users.

Other topics:

  • Leverage telemedicine solutions to provide audiology services to Veterans who live far from medical centers
  • Create and implement enhancements or novel uses of VA’s “Blue Button” personal health record
  • Fully automate sterilization of medical equipment
  • Empower Veterans with Self-Management Technologies for Vocational Rehabilitation
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