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Two open access-related articles crossed our “desks” this morning, one via email the other via Twitter (we’re at NARICInfo, if you care to follow). The first from Inside Higher Ed (Long Road to Open Access, 10/11/10, looks at the institutions who signed the Compact for Open Access Publishing Equity (COPE) and the number of times they reimbursed publishing scholars for the fees charged by open access journals. Of the five, three approved only a handful of applications and spent only a small percentage of the amount set aside in their COPE funds. COPE signatories are taking the long view in participating: Set aside the funds and the applications will come.

Science 2.0 asks “Does Open Access Lead to More Quality Citations? The Data Says…” ( The article discusses the results of a new study published in PLoS One which sought to determine whether open access articles were cited more simply because anyone could access them or because potentially popular articles were released to open access. Their conclusion? The open access advantage is real but needs mandates and institutional support.

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