Measurement in Healthcare lectures

The Center for Rehabilitation Outcomes Research at the Rehab Institute of Chicago has a set of lectures available free online:

Lecture 1: Why Measurement Issues Matter When Measuring Outcomes
by Trudy Mallinson, PhD, OTR/L, NZROT
An introduction to measurement, emphasizing the importance of unidimensionality, hierarchical ordering, and equal interval units. Issues of measurement in rehabilitation are discussed.
Lecture 2: Instrument Development
by Allen W. Heinemann, PhD
Instrument development in healthcare measurement and the importance of test validity. Heinemann also describes an example of this process in the development of the Community Participation Indicators tool.
Lecture 3: Measurement and Rasch Analysis
by Anne Deutsch, RN, PhD
Dr. Deutsch describes how Rasch analysis may be used to create a “ruler” for
measurement using data collected from a set of test items or a set of items
that use a rating scale.

All three are available at The lectures use Adobe ProConnect to combine PowerPoint with the speakers lecture.

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