Fighting Prejudice and Promoting Inclusion: Two New Resources

The Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation at Boston University has two new curricula available. This first is for their PhotoVoice program designed as a participatory research tool. The second is a technical assistance guide for promoting inclusion at work. Both are designed to support the independence of people with psychiatric disabilities. From their website:

  • Combating Prejudice and Discrimination Through PhotoVoice Empowerment, includes a Leader’s Guide, Workbook, and DVD “Beyond the Shadows of Stigma.” Designed to be used in a class of participants, PhotoVoice is an innovative participatory research tool that has become a powerful instrument for social justice to expose and combat prejudicial attitudes and discriminatory behaviors in the lives of people who experience psychiatric disability.
  • Enhancing Workplace Inclusion for Employees with Psychiatric Disabilities is a technical assistance process guide designed for anyone providing consultation to employers whose goal is to proactively eliminate prejudice and discrimination against employees with psychiatric disabilities.

The PhotoVoice curriculum is $44.95 for the whole kit. The Inclusion guide is only $9.95.

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