Quick Search: OT and Spinal Injuries

In honor of Occupational Therapy Month, here are a couple more searches from REHABDATA:

Occupational Therapy & Spinal (149 abstracts) http://www.naric.com/research/results.cfm?search=2&type=all&phrase=no&criteria=occupational%20therapy%20spinal

Occupational Therapy & Spinal Cord Injury (96 abstracts) http://www.naric.com/research/results.cfm?search=2&type=all&phrase=no&criteria=occupational%20therapy%20spinal%20cord%20injury

Occupational Therapy & Spina Bifida (11 abstracts) http://www.naric.com/research/results.cfm?search=2&type=all&phrase=no&criteria=occupational%20therapy%20spina%20bifida

Try your own search at http://www.naric.com/research

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