NARIC’s Answer Queue: Where can I get a grant?

This year marks our 33rd anniversary providing information services to the disability and rehabilitation community. In three decades, we’ve seen a handful of questions come up again and again. As a new occasional feature of the Spotlight, we’ll highlight these questions and connect you to the answers.

Q: I’m looking for a government grant to (buy a computer, build a ramp, go to school, get on my feet). Where can find these grants?

A: Federal, state, and local governments rarely provide grants to individuals. Grants are generally made to organizations, agencies, and institutions to conduct research or provide services to the community. What the caller is looking for are benefit, loan, and financial aid programs. These are provided to qualified individuals to meet specific needs.

The best place to start your search for these programs is the Gov Benefits website at Their anonymous questionnaire will point you to programs you may qualify for and the agencies to contact. In fact, check out their FAQ:

If you happen to live in California, check out This comprehensive website will tell  you all you need to know about disability programs in that state.  We really wish every state would put up one of these! (Found one? Post a link in the comments section! Thank you!)

For many more resources for benefits, loans, and other financial aid, please visit our Ready Reference page at

Q: But, wait, I am calling for an organization or institution. Would we qualify for a grant?

A: Good question! All Federal grant programs are published in the Federal Register and made available through Start your search there and you should find announcements, application packages, and more. For grant opportunities from the National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research, sign up for our NIDRR-Announcements listserv. Good luck!

Do you have a question? Email, chat, or call us. Contact info is a click away!

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2 Responses to NARIC’s Answer Queue: Where can I get a grant?

  1. Cheri Messmore says:

    I am looking for a grant or scholarship for my daughter she graduates May 25, 2011. She has a diease called pandas and narcolapsey. She had 2 yrs of high school and than her last two years was at Bulter Tech. a vocational school where she is wanting to continue her education in the medical field she was excepted to Kilgore College. I am a single mom and at this time not working but would like for Brittany to follow her dream. She has been taking care as a volunteer of a shaken baby and has done very well. I was given this site to check on maybe getting her grant or scholarship. Brittany is also looking into some herself she does take medication and done very well at the vocational. Can you Help us! Thank you for your time.

    Cheri and Brittany

    • naricspotlight says:

      Hi Cheri and Brittany

      Congratulations on your acceptance!

      There are several resources we can recommend to help you find financial aid resources. The best place to start for any federal programs is the website ( The anonymous questionnaire on that site will lead you to any federal or state programs you guys may qualify for and the agencies to contact to get the process started. The US Dept of Education’s financial aid site is another good place to start: I also highly recommend the DisaBoom collection of scholarship and financial aid resources listed at Finally, try

      If you haven’t done so already, contact the Financial Aid office at Kilgore:

      I would also recommend visiting the local library. The reference staff should be able to point you to resources online and in their collection to help you find additional sources of aid.

      I hope this information is helpful! Good luck at Kilgore!

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