Funding Opportunity: Advanced Rehabilitation Research Training programs

Sitting in our inbox this morning was an alert from about NIDRR’s 2010 Advanced Rehabilitation Research Training grants. These are grants to universities and university-affiliated medical centers that educate and train future rehabilitation researchers and professionals:

ARRT projects must (1) Recruit and select candidates for advanced research training; (2) provide a training program that includes didactic and classroom instruction, is multidisciplinary, emphasizes scientific research methodology, and may involve
collaboration among institutions; (3) provide research experience, laboratory
experience, or its equivalent, in a community-based research setting, and a practicum experience that involves each trainee in clinical research and in
activities with organizations representing individuals with disabilities; (4) provide academic mentorship or guidance, and opportunities for scientific collaboration
with qualified researchers at the host university and other appropriate institutions; and (5) provide opportunities for participation in the development of professional
presentations and publications, and for attendance at professional conferences and meetings, as appropriate for the individual’s field of study and level of experience. (Federal Register announcement in PDF:

Note the budget and length requirements (no more than $150,000 yr and no more than 5 years).

The announcement and application package are available at  To see the currently funded ARRTs visit: Please note: NARIC does not have access to successful applications submitted to NIDRR.

Individual researchers should look at the Switzer Fellowship announced last week.

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