Perspective: Justice and the Rights of Performers with Disabilities

Michael Pizzi is an actor and occupational therapist. He is also the founder of Touching Humanity, Inc., a community-based arts and health education organization dedicated to promoting disability awareness through the arts. Dr. Pizzi is researching an article on the experiences of performers with disabilities:

Hi all:
I am expanding a paper I presented on my company which promotes disability awareness through the arts. The paper was well received and to publish, I was asked to expand it. I am looking for people to share with me their perspectives (even bulleted) what a) injustices or barriers there are for performers with disability and b) what rights we can put out there regarding performance and disability (e.g. the right to audition along non-disabled people). ANY thoughts would be so appreciated. Also, permission to use either your name as a personal communication or an article YOU may have written would be great (I am not in academia and so, if you could email any articles, thanks in advance !)
Yours very sincerely,
Michael Pizzi, Founder and Exec Director for Touching Humanity Inc. (

If you are a performer with a disability or know someone who could share this perspective for Dr. Pizzi’s article, please visit THI’s website or contact Dr. Pizzi directly.

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