Funding Opportunity: 2 new Rehabilitation Engineering Research Centers announced the release of two Requests for Proposals (RFPs) for Rehabilitation Engineering Research Centers (RERCs):

The first is an RERC on Telerehabilitation. Telerehabilitation is remote delivery of rehabilitation services (including occupational and physical therapy and vocational rehabilitation) by phone, video, and Internet. Telerehabilitation expands the options for people with disabilities in rural areas, as well as those who cannot leave their homes. The current RERC on Telerehabilitation is at the University of Pittsburgh (

The second is an RERC on Telecommunication. This RERC increases access to and accessibility of telecommunication technology for people with disabilities.  The current RERC on Telecommunication Access is at the Trace Center at the University of Wisconsin (

Both RFPs have a closing date of August 27. An informational meeting is scheduled for August 10. For more information and downloadable applications:

RERC on Telerehabilitation:

RERC on Telecommunication:

About the RERCs

Rehabilitation Engineering Research Centers conduct research in assistive and rehabilitation technology for a wide range of disabilities. They are usually granted to universities and research institutions. They conduct research and development activities, create and test equipment and technology solutions, and train up and coming engineers in the science of rehabilitation technology. In more than 25 years of research, the RERCs have published hundreds of articles, developed and tested a myriad of technology, and helped thousands of people with disabilities to access services and technology. Their research has included universal design, prosthetics and orthotics, wireless technology, wheelchair design, transportation safety, information technology, and hearing technology.

For a list of current RERCs, visit

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