Funding Opportunity: 2 RTCs on Health and Wellness announced Requests for Proposals for two new Rehabilitation Research and Training Centers (RTC). The first focuses on health and wellness of individuals with neuromuscular diseases. The second focuses on health and wellness of individuals with arthritis.

What is a Rehabilitation Research and Training Center?

RTCs are projects that conduct research, development, and training projects focusing on disability and rehabilitation. They may focus on a specific disability (arthritis, spinal cord injury, intellectual/developmental disabilities), a population (minorities, rural residents), or an intervention (supported employment, independent living). They are usually managed by a university or research hospital. In addition to developing and testing interventions, RTCs train students at the graduate level in the rigors of quality disability and rehabilitation research.

What do RTCs produce?

The RTCs publish a wealth of resources throughout their funding cycle (usually five years). They publish articles in peer reviewed journals, present at conferences, create guides and manuals, develop curricula, and produce excellent websites. Most of the currently funded RTCs also publish a regular newsletter. You can browse through the most recent publications in NARIC’s REHABDATA database.

Where can I find the current RTCs?

The currently funded RTCs are listed in NARIC’s NIDRR Program Database. You can browse through them at The Program Database is also an historical record of RTCs funded from 1988 to present.

Where can I find the grant announcments?

Grant announcements are always posted through

RTC on Health and Wellness of Individuals with Neuromuscular Diseases:

RTC on Health and Wellness of Individuals with Arthritis:

Both grants have a August 20th submission deadline. (Please note: The original grant announcement included an incorrect submission deadline of September 4th.)

I’m interested in applying. Is there any way I can see a successful grant application?

Unfortunately, NARIC does not have access to the submitted applications.

For more information, see the page!

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