Grant Opportunity: Keeping up: Technology’s Rapid Changes and Effects on People with Disabilities

The National Council on Disability announced a new open grant:

The National Council on Disability is interested in evaluating how Americans with disabilities are faring in this new digital media age. NCD is interested in examining the accessibility of new media and technologies developed, documenting successful development processes, understanding consumer needs, and identifying the facilitators and barriers to the technology transfer for employment purposes. Through this research, NCD will aim to educate designers about how specific new technologies intersect with the employment needs of individuals with disabilities. This research will aim to provide technology developers with knowledge on how their complex products can be developed in a cost-effective way and used to increase the employment of people with disabilities. As part of this research, six new media sources and/or digital technology products will be analyzed for their utility in employment settings, and their accessibility to people with disabilities. This analysis should include market trends, potential consumers, facilitators and barriers to expanding the market to employment settings, industry practice, and accessibility. NCD proposes to collect data on the experiences of people with disabilities in this new media environment; highlight accomplishments, and determine recommendations for how digital media accessibility for people with disabilities can be improved. NCD hopes the information in this report will motivate and drive the development of new technologies that will improve the employment status of people with disabilities.

The application closing date is August 7, 2009. For more information, including eligibility requirments and an application package visit

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