Get the Lowdown: Disability Law Lowdown Podcast

The Disability Law Lowdown Podcast is a twice-monthly show bringing you the latest in disability rights, advocacy, and legislative activities. It is a coproduction of the 10 regional Disability and Business Technical Assistance Centers.

Brought to you by nationally recognized leaders in the field of disability law, the Disability Law Lowdown Podcast delivers the latest in disability rights information every other week. You can subscribe for free and have shows automatically delivered, or you can listen to the show and read the transcripts from this site.

The latest English podcast (32) features the Air Carrier Accessibility Act and discusses disability definitions, requirements of proof, rights and responsibilities of all parties. etc.

The podcast is also available in Spanish and American Sign Language (ASL) though the topics vary.

Listen and subscribe at

En Español:


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1 Response to Get the Lowdown: Disability Law Lowdown Podcast

  1. osdhorn says:

    The City of Los Angeles Department on Disability and the Commission on Disability may be eliminated as it now exists, by this March. Here is our blog post on the topic:

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