Collection Spotlight: In the Driver’s Seat: A Guide to Self-Directed Mental Health Care

We recently added this new guide to our collection. It was developed by the Bazelon Center and the U Penn Collaborative on Community Integration (a NIDRR grant). Here’s the REHABDATA record:

NARIC Accession Number: O17431.  What’s this? Download article in Full Text .
Author(s): Koyanagi, C.; Alfano, E.; Carty, L..
Project Number: H133B031109.
Publication Year: 2008.
Number of Pages: 40.
Abstract: Handbook provides an overview of self-directed care, a new approach to the delivery of community services to people with mental illnesses that allows consumers to manage their own care and control a budget to pay for their services and supports. Part I of this guide is a brief description of self-directed care. Part II offers advocacy strategies and tactics, while Part III is a more in-depth look at how self-directed care initiatives work and how they are funded. The appendices include fact sheets with information that would be useful to state policymakers and consumer advocates as well as a list of further reading and useful information on self-directed care.

The guide is written in three parts: Understanding Self-Directed Care, Strategies and Tactics for Advocating for Self-Directed Care Policies and Initiatives, and An In-depth Look at Self-Directed Care.  The first part introduces you to self-directed care and the idea of consumers being intimately involved in their own treatment. The second part discusses planning, implementing, and promoting self-directed care. The third part answers many of the questions you will encounter as you learn more about self-directed care. The guide also includes evaluation tools and fact sheets.

The guide is available to download free of charge (see the link above or visit  If you find it useful, please let us and/or the authors know!

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