Stay informed: NARIC’s REHABDATA Connection

What’s the best way to stay on top of the latest research in your field? Try REHABDATA Connection,  NARIC’s free monthly alert service!

Every month, we add more than 200 documents to our collection of disability and rehabilitation research. These new additions include peer-reviewed journal articles, reference books, curricula, manuals, guides, reports, and newsletters. We announce our latest acquisitions through the REHABDATA Connection email alert service.

With more than 60 topics to choose from, you can tailor your subscription to your information needs. Are you a physical therapist who works with brain injury clients? You might choose PT, brain injury, self-care, and independent living. Are you a special education teacher? You might choose children, developmental disabilities, education, and transition.

Each email includes citations with shortened abstracts like this:

3 of 28
Precursors of dyslexia in early conversational turn exchange
Topics in Language Disorders (ISSN 0271-8294)
Author: Smith, Allan B.; Locke, John L.; Farkas, Laurie;
Year: 2008
Abstract [truncated]: Study investigated conversational turn exchange, which deals with the regulation of turn-taking between speakers, in young children with dyslexia. Twenty-two 3-year-old children participated in the … For more see J54639
If you want to read more, just click the link to the full abstract. If the document is available online, you’ll find a link in the abstract. If it’s not available online, you can order the document from us, just use the information request form or call 800/346-2742.
Did we mention this is free?
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