NARIC Digital Archive Project: New Additions

In 2008, NARIC embarked on an ambitious project: To digitize, archive, and release significant portions of our Original Research collection. Throughout the next 18 months, we will carefully review the collection, analyze document requests, and select items to be scanned and converted to accessible document types. We are very excited about this new phase in NARIC’s history!

As part of the NARIC Spotlight, we will announce new additions to the Digital Archive. We may also select Archive items for a more in-depth analysis.

Recently Added:

Rehabilitation Technologies: Thirteenth Institute on Rehabilitation Issues.
Corthell, D W, ed; Thayer, T, ed.
For the full record and free download:  O08557.

Traumatic brain injury therapist resource manual.
Schopp, L.; Reid-Arndt, S.; Johnstone, B.; Cully, E.
For the full record and free download:  O14328.

Evaluating Powered Wheelchairs, May 1993.
Barnicle, K.
For the full record and free download: O11000.

Consensus Validation Conference. Resource Papers. The National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research Presents: The Prevention and Management of Urinary Tract Infections Among People with Spinal Cord Injuries, January 27-29, 1992.
For the full record and free download: O10566.

Check them out!

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