Government twitterers

Update: The GovTwit list has moved out and found it’s own place. You can search for government twitterers at  Steve Lunceford, the man behind GovTwit, also blogs at

Twitter seems to be everywhere. Last year, the bloggers at Bearing Point collected a list of Twitter users at government agencies and associated organizations and contractors. You can find someone from just about every agency in the GovTwit Directory.

They also wrote an excellent blog post on just what is Twitter and why government is getting on board (New Thinking in Government in 140 Characters or Less). NARIC’s not on board yet (though at least one staff member Tweets on her own time) but it is certainly a strategy we’re considering. Would you follow NARIC on Twitter?

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  1. naricspotlight says:

    Even more about .gov twittering from Government Computing News

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